Brewing Guides


Dosage: 25G of Coffee to 380G of water (1:15)

  • Grind: Medium-Fine
  • Temp: Filtered Water Just off boil. (200-205•f)
  • Total Brew Time: Around 3 minutes
  1. Place paper filter into brewer. Place brewer on top of desired decanter. Pre-rinse paper filter carefully making sure to keep the filter shape intact. Remember to discard rinse water.
  2. Pour 25G of freshly ground medium-fine coffee into the Kalita wave brewer. Shake brewer to level the grounds this will help ensure that you will get an even extraction.
  3. Next step is to Pre-infuse your brew also known as the bloom phase to enhance your coffee. We're going to add 60G of hot water to the bed of coffee. Wait for 40-45 Seconds.You'll notice bubbling that's carbon dioxide releasing from the coffee grounds
  4. After the bloom, begin pouring hot water from the center out in circular motions. adding 140G of water totaling 200G.  
  5. At the 1:15 -1:20 Minute mark add 60G more of hot water in a circular motion raising the water level to 260G.
  6. At the 1:40-1:50 Minute mark add 60G of hot water totaling 320G.
  7. At the 2:00-2:05 Minute mark add 60G of hot water totaling 380G.
  8. The final draw down of coffee should finish around 2:45-3:00.


Timed Pulse-pouring

Pour over methods have another level of control called “Timed Pulse-pouring”. Altho it may seem a little tedious, it works really well and provides a more consistent extraction. It also gives you another way to experiment and experience your coffee.
The first 1/3 of the pour is going to control the intensity of the notes and the last 2/3 are going to control the strength. You could now for example do 5 pours of exactly the same amount/time (1.a) or 3 pours of variable amounts/time (1.b).

Following the second example will give you a tea-like cup, more diluted in taste and the notes will be less intense.


Sweet Spot

Too Corse
Too Fine
Adjusting Grind:
Too Slow & Little Yield
Adjust grind coarser will make the shot run faster, giving you more volume in the same amount of time.
Too Fast & Large Yield
Adjust grind finer will slow down your shot, resulting in less volume in the same amount of time.