Coffee Flight
single origin,
directly from the farmers.
Get to experience the hard work of coffee farmers across Colombia. Each bag represents their hope for their family's future.
pushing boundaries
Because We are the farmers™, we look to raise the overall quality of the industry by rethinking the status quo at every touchpoint.
Loveling the chain
We've redesigned a broken coffee chain with the mission to create a win-win-win situation for everybody, especially the farmers.
flawless experience
From the source to your cup we aim everyday to improve every step of the way and create the most delightful experience for your senses.
Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
Fabulous breakfast cup, very comforting with a unique texture. Taste like apple pie, a little maple syrup, baked.
Omar Arango Tinoco
Tastes like bubblegum! Refreshing and bright, the perfect summer cup.
Eduard Campos
Its sweetness stands out. With notes of orange and spices in aroma. Delicious flavor of berries. Medium acidity. Creamy body. Leaves an residual taste of sweet spices on the palate.
Pilar Jaramillo
There's a sweet pipe tobacco note that's so complex. It's delicious & refreshing.
Sandra Isabel Largo
It's fantastic as a drip and espresso option. The complexity is delicious, like a chocolate covered orange, brownie feeling.
Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
The fruitiness is crystal clear. The aromatics are exhilarating, a reminiscent of the farm itself.
Sandra Isabel Largo
Bright acidity with a nice brown sugar sweetness.
William Becerra
It's pretty delicate. very unique lot with tons of lime acidity. like lime-aid.