Last updated:
March 9, 2020
Farmer's Profile
Alejandro Molina
Pita Lito
Alejandro comes from a long line of coffee growers and many of his family members are immersed in the labor with him. They strive daily to keep a float in the ever changing dynamics that come with being a coffee farmer in Colombia. Alejandro, like many farmers in his area did not have access to education growing up and farming was his only outlet to provide for his family. Through hard work and years on the farm, Alejandro was able to acquire land to call his own. “El Pedregal” is the name of Alejandro's farm which through joint family efforts has grown in size since he first acquired it. El Pedregal is a beautiful farm with high quality standards set in motion by Alejandro. Although Alejandro is very humble he hopes that the hard work he has put in to Pedregal will help provide a brighter future for his children and grandchildren.
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