Last updated:
April 3, 2020
Farmer's Profile
William Becerra
Pita Lito
William's coffee comes from the small town of Isnos in the Huila department of Colombia. We love William’s coffee for all of it's sweet flavors but also for the ambition behind his story. Ambition, heart and hard work are three words to describe William's labor of love. This last season his farm was hit with a devastating storm that could have washed away all of his coffee. Meaning that all the hard work William and his family had invested during the season, along with their income, could have been lost. They scrambled to gather up all their green coffee and store it inside their house until the storm calmed. This meant that they spent a couple of nights camping outside. William's dream of a better life for his wife and two children is what keeps his spirits up. The quality of William's coffee continues expanding, crop after crop. We, at Progeny, are supremely proud to share his coffee with you.