March 27, 2020
My Entry Into The Inspiring World of Coffee
Leo Rosario

(My Love Letter to Progeny)

Hi! My name is Leo. I’m the latest and newest addition to the Progeny Coffee team. My arrival was marked by the first day of ‘shelter in place’ for the SF Bay Area, in response to the viral pandemic that the globe is dealing with. What I was greeted with upon arrival was a loving, deeply caring, humane team of people working together, in the face of everything, to continue to make a difference for its employees, its farmers, and its customers.

This week some of our team have been going out to hand-deliver orders to our customers that are working from home. Making it so that folks can have some of their favorite and most comforting things to help them get through this tough and sometimes isolating moment. 

I come from a very different work background than most of my team members. I come from a long career in the NYC fashion industry. My excitement and enthusiasm to leave my life’s work behind and start anew lies squarely with the humanely beautiful work that Progeny does with their coffee farmers in Colombia. The respect, interest, care, and 100% commitment to always put the farmers first, is a testament to the type of people we are, in the world.

One might wonder why Progeny chose me as their newest member? A person with zero coffee industry experience. It’s what they stand for; one of the core pillars of the brand is “diversity makes for creativity”. They believed that hiring a person from outside of the coffee industry would bring fresh and new perspectives to problem-solving. Now, while we do hire knowledgeable people from a brewing, roasting and QC perspective; choosing someone external to the industry to manage operations makes a lot of sense for us and is in alignment with our divergent mindsets. My vast work experience in the fashion industry with its hard-set timelines and ever-changing landscapes has instilled in me principles of leadership, quick thinking, and executing with precision and excellence; I’m honored to put to them to work for the success and growth of Progeny.

I’m filled with a curiosity and wonder that I haven’t felt in a long time as I launch myself into this whole new universe. We, at Progeny, dedicate ourselves daily to finding pathways to solving quality of life issues; whether it be with our farmers in Colombia, the environmental health of our planet, or the physical health of our fellow humans.