My Voyage into Progeny
Leo Rosario

I came to Progeny Coffee three months ago from a dramatically different landscape and industry. I spent 30+ years sourcing and developing fabric and overseeing production for American designer women’s sportswear brands. Fashion is an industry that, on the ground, primarily concerns itself with aesthetics and beauty. The hours are long and grueling. The pressure to deliver gorgeous designs, beautifully crafted, all done on an impossible timeline, and at a price; is overwhelming most of the time. And although, it is all of this and so much more, I always thrilled at seeing the fabrics and garments that I toiled so long on, coming down the runway during Fashion Week or being worn by one of the many fashionable women that are regularly seen on NYC streets. You see, I have loved fashion since I was a small girl. I am a creative to my core and it was my chosen mode of expression.

But here I am, working with the Progeny team! You want to know why I made this drastic leap out of the life that I’ve known for over 30 years? I’m here because what Progeny stands for is something that fills me with Joy and Hope. We work tirelessly brainstorming on how to scrutinize, innovate, and redesign the coffee supply chain. It is our daily pledge! We champion all our farmers on their journey towards financial autonomy and more abundant lives. We serve as advisors in their quest to develop their lands and their communities. We work alongside them, at the source, to create new and inventive solutions to perennial problems. It is our steadfast commitment to them and to ourselves.

It doesn’t stop there though. No! We don’t just stand for our farmers. We stand for people in need. We stand for our planet. We are advocates for sustainable practices across platforms. Progeny is a brand with a BIG beautiful heart and it is a true honor to be toiling alongside this amazing team, taking care of people.

Of course, there are the incredible products and service that we provide. We roast and offer exceptional micro-lot single origin coffees that are just GORGEOUS in profile and flavor. Every workday leaves me feeling proud of the work done and the pleasure our coffees bring to folks!