El Sueño
William Becerra
Sugar Cane

It's pretty delicate. Very unique lot with tons of lime acidity, like lime-aid.

$ 18.50 

Farmer's Story

William Becerra

Williams coffee comes from the small town of Isnos in the Huila department of Colombia. We love William’s coffee for the sweet flavors in the cup and the ambition behind his story. Ambition, Heart and Hard work are three words to describe Williams labor of love. This last season Williams family farm was hit with a devastating storm that could have washed away all of his coffee, meaning all the hard work William and his family had to endure all season lost, not to mention the loss of income. William and his family scrambled to gather up all their green coffee and stored it inside his house until the storm calmed down. This meant William and his family spent a couple of nights camping outside. William's dream of a better life for his wife and two kids is what keeps his spirits up. Williams coffee quality keeps on increasing crop after crop and we are proud to share his coffee.