Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
Dark Chocolate
Black Berry
Coffee with a cause
More than a donation with a purchase but a glimmer of hope
We’re teaming up with Buena Onda, a grassroots initiative in Armenia, Colombia. Armenia is located in the coffee region of Colombia and is home to our CEO Maria Palacio. Buena Onda is working with the local community to help collect food, toiletries, and clothing for families in need! More than 70% of Colombia’s workforce hold jobs as street vendors and service industry workers. They’ve been hard hit by this pandemic and unable to generate any income at all. With every purchase of our newly released La Esperanza, we will donate a bag of groceries to Buena Onda’s project to feed the most vulnerable population in Colombia.
Specialty Coffee

La Esperanza is our modern spin on a classic fully developed roast profile. We’ve taken the roast as far into the medium to dark side of things as we’re comfortable with and created this great comforting coffee. It has toasted notes of dark chocolate, dash of cinnamon spice and black berry sweetness. Wether you're pulling shots of espresso or brewing up a nice french press brew this coffee will shine with a full bodied cup that is smooth and rich.

$ 18 

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Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
Caldas, Colombia
Tasting notes
Dark Chocolate - Cinnamon - Black berry

Progeny Coffee is teaming up with Buena Onda a united citizen initiative in Armenia, which is located in the coffee region of Colombia. They are setting out to collect necessary supplies and distributing them to those in their community who are out of work or unable to physically get supplies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Multiple essential products from toiletries, non-perishable foods, toys, and clothing have been collected and consolidated into more than 220 individual packages. The individually packaged goods were passed out to those in need like; street vendors, seamstresses, manicurists, hairdressers, houses with red flags, and elderly homes.

With each purchase of our new La Esperanza coffee, we will donate a bag of groceries to assist Buena Onda in the second round of their fabulous initiative on lending a helping hand to their neighbors and the Armenia community.

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Lot Size (kg)
FARMER's story
Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez

When Progeny first set out to tackle its mission, Rodrigo was one of the first farmers to believe in us. Rodrigo bonded over shared ideals with Progeny’s founder; and already on a quest to unify the farmers in Colombia. Rodrigo is seen as a leader of men in his community; a scholar always searching and experimenting on new coffee processes and growing methods. He manages a large farm which houses a coffee lab that he uses to help educate other farmers throughout Colombia.


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