Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
Dark Chocolate
Black Berry
Coffee with a Cause
More than a donation with your purchase, but a glimmer of hope
Specialty Coffee
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La Esperanza is our modern spin on a classic fully developed roast profile. We’ve taken the roast as far into the medium to dark side of things as we’re comfortable with and created this great comforting coffee. It has toasted notes of dark chocolate, dash of cinnamon spice and black berry sweetness. Wether you're pulling shots of espresso or brewing up a nice french press brew this coffee will shine with a full bodied cup that is smooth and rich.

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Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez
Caldas, Colombia
Tasting notes
Dark Chocolate - Cinnamon - Black berry

So far this year, California has had more than 7,500 fires chew through an estimated 2.2 million acres, making this fire season one of the most active in the history of the state. They have destroyed over 5,400 structures, and it's not over; the wildfire season can last until November.

Some of the most compromised of these natural disasters are farmers. They not only lose their homes but also have their lands, livestock, and harvests ravaged. This leaves them unable to earn any income to take of themselves, their families, or their lands. Here is where Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) shows up to offer them a helping hand in their biggest hour of need.

CAFF founded in 1978, is a non-profit resource hub based in California . Their mission is to build sustainable food and farming systems through policy advocacy and programming. CAFF has been out at the forefront of pushing for the rights of small farmers of diverse backgrounds, the ecological health of the land, and environmental justice; from its outset. 

We are launching our next La Esperanza “Coffee for a Cause” campaign to help contribute to the work that CAFF is doing with their Wildlife Relief Fund. 

“Because of systems of historic inequity, CAFF recognizes that some farmers are more likely to fall between the cracks of our traditional safety nets . For this reason, farmers of color, immigrant farmers, and undocumented farmers will receive special consideration, but we encourage all California farmers to apply.” – CAFF

For National Hispanic Heritage month (Sept 15th-Oct 15th), 40% of the proceeds that we make from the sale of La Esperanza will be donated to CAFF’s Wildfire Relief Fund. Join us in helping to make a difference for the farmers so severely impacted by these fires.

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FARMER's story
Rodrigo Alberto Pelaez

When Progeny first set out to tackle its mission, Rodrigo was one of the first farmers to believe in us. Rodrigo bonded over shared ideals with Progeny’s founder; and already on a quest to unify the farmers in Colombia. Rodrigo is seen as a leader of men in his community; a scholar always searching and experimenting on new coffee processes and growing methods. He manages a large farm which houses a coffee lab that he uses to help educate other farmers throughout Colombia.


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