Adopt a Farmer
pushing boundaries
Because We are the farmers™, we look to raise the overall quality of the industry by rethinking the status quo at every touchpoint.
Loveling the chain
We've redesigned a broken coffee chain with the mission to create a win-win-win situation for everybody, especially the farmers.
flawless experience
From the source to your cup we aim everyday to improve every step of the way and create the most delightful experience for your senses.


Direct Trade was about trading directly to the farmer, third wave was about getting the best cup of coffee paving the way for specialty coffee. It is now time to push further and trade great coffees while taking care of the source.

Colombian farmers are struggling for many reasons often coming from a lack of education and a better understanding of trade methods or innovative farming techniques. We thrive to educate them not only on getting their farms into better shape, using innovative farming methods or giving them technical support. We also open their eyes to opportunities they didn't know existed and provide them with a distribution platform that cares for them above all.

For us, it's not about "trade", it's about making everyone in the chain equally equipped to benefit from a high quality life to a high quality coffee experience.


We occasionally share some of our stories, updates and offerings.

Wholesale Inquiries
Thank you for your interest in using Progeny Coffee for your business. We're devoted to give you the best coffee quality and make sure we find the right farmer for you based on your requirements.

We will work with you to find the best profile and make sure you never run out of coffee, because mark our word, everyone is going to love it.
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